Dreamy Night

Her eyes dreamt
Of an inky sky
Speckled with stardust
As a crimson hue trailed behind
The horizon dipping Sun
Shapeless clouds billowed by
And a lightning crack
Split the canvas in two.
She dreamt a dream
Of an endless night
As morning came tiptoeing in
To the fluttering of her eyes.


Bleeding Words

She didn’t realise it at first,

The subtle changes in her life.

Then they crept into her writings,

Bleeding out through words.

Only then did she look,

Noticing nuances,

As the fluttering pages of her diary

Told her story,

The journey that she’d traveled

In beautifully crafted metaphors.

From desolation to creation,

From misery to hope

From heartbreak to cherishment,

It was all penned down

Like legendary tales of yore.

How a girl’s path meandered

Through treacherous terrains,

As she tried her best

To maneuver her way

Out of murderous ravines

And unwelcoming valleys

Overcast with dark grey clouds of loss.

How the sun’s rays slivered through

And the birds soared again.

How in the ensuing daylight

She stumbled upon

A young master of all trades

Who’s skilful manning of oars

Cut through the choppy waters

Delivering her ship ashore.

Who then built her a place of shelter

As the storms of her past

Came billowing by and passed.

She emerged unscathed

Thanks to the master of all trades

Who asked for no favour in return.

As she came to this last page,

She closed her eyes and smiled.

For her heart had discovered

That love had crept into her life,

Bleeding out through words.

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Be Still My Heart

As the dust settled in your wake,

It riled up every past mistake.

I witnessed a fleeting moment of chaotic hell

Followed by a settling feeling of calm,

Unending, assuring and warm.

Tables turned

On the lull before the storm.

I could rest now,

Far from the weary exchanges,

Of bitter words and sour thoughts,

Of ego clashes and compromises.

The battle of the hearts

Was fought and won

And lost and retreated,

All at once and

Once and for all.

I can put my beating heart to rest now.

One or the Other

She sought him in her nightmares

She sought him in her dreams

When she woke up

She could hardly tell

The one from the other

Since he saved her in her nightmares

And she lost him in her dreams

The one became the other

Somewhere in between.

So she took to sleeping with him

Held closely in her arms

The warmth that he exuded

Ended the nightly tussle

And merged the happiness

Of the one with the other.

Fair Tidings

Out wandering again tonight.
Counting stars
Under their twinkling light.
No order to their chaotic mess
Defining beauty nevertheless.
A subtle yet profound reminder
Of the mystery that is life.
From chaos stems order,
From order rises mayhem.
Nothing permanent,
But everything sublime.
Create, destruct and redefine.
Like a phoenix rising from its ashes,
Like dust returning to dust.
No end, no beginning
To this circle of life.
It loops over and over again.
Don’t fret,
Breathe in, breathe out.
Chaos is only a harbinger
Of favorable changes in tides.
Anchors aweigh!
Feel the wind in your hair
Adjust sails,
And you’ll be all set.

Images courtesy: Dhananjay Bhati


All tales of battles waged
Sing about the heroes of their age
Glorifying them like the mighty sun
Fiercely blazing, undaunted and unstoppable.
Ravaging everything that lies in its path.
The burnishing embelm of a brave warrior.

But imagine the strength it would take
To be like the unsung moon.
Reflecting the blinding glare of the sun,
Unscorched by its threatening flares.
The moon persists, throwing back
What comes its way with the flick of hand.
While with the other it controls
The majestic waves of every ocean,
Silently writing the destiny of the world.

Be like the sun to fight, my dear.
But Be like the moon and rule.

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Starry Night

Love found them

On a starry night

From half a world across.

Through stormy thoughts

It made its way

Dispelling the dark, grey clouds.

Their hopeless lives

Now saw slivers

Of a bright sun’s shining rays.

The misery plaguing

Their happiness

Was similarly chased away.

And their restless nights

Of nightmarish dwam

Brimmed with dreams galore.

Yes, love found them one starry night

And crept into their hearts.

Featured Image : ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh

The Devil and the Rose

A rose, loved despite its thorns.

The devil, despised for his horns.



The power of imagery,

Have drowned many a beautiful soul in abject misery.

Smokescreens abound

All around.

Blurring lines.

Illusions and shine.

Do you have the strength

To show your real self

To a world that would judge

Every breath you inhale?

Bend or break is the new law of nature.

Bend, and create a new vision of yourself

Disjointed from reality.

Appealing, appeasing, misleading the masses.

Or break,


Give the tenacity

Of that devil within you

Some room,

So that the rose that you are

Can finally be in bloom.

Beauty and pain, in equal measure.

Isn’t that the truest reality of life?

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The Magic of Fall

A plaid scarf wound round the neck,
Thick leggings adorned those lovely legs,
A cup of pumpkin spice latte in one hand,
And a cinnamon roll held carefully in the other.
A whiff of the two, combined with the weather
Made everything seem cozy and set her heart a-flutter.
She made her way under cloudy skies,
Making sure to step on all the crunchy leaves.
A smile crept sweetly upon her face.
Basking in the beauty of fall,
She dared to believe she could conquer it all.

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Inner Demons

For a moment there,
I forgot myself
And let the demons of my past
Guide me.
I wielded hurt like an avenging sword
Without much thought to who I swung it on.
For a moment there,
I forgot myself,
And let all my wounds
Drive me.
I hurled mean words at the drop of a hat
Oblivious to the pain I was causing.
For a moment there,
I forgot myself,
I forgot that though pain begets pain
Nothing can justify my lashing out
On the people who were trying to help me.
For a moment there,
I forgot myself
And was no different from the person
Who broke me.

Every moment now,
I know myself
And see a vision of me
reflected in purity,
In the eyes of the one
Who took every hit
Just to get to me,
To battle every unkindness I’d ever endured
And brought me back from oblivion.

They say that demons run when a good man goes to war.