Ride Along, Love.

Felt like a lifetime

Took less than a second

No, it wasn’t just a look

It was the aftermath of an enigma

What else could have made me climb on

To the back of the unknown

Whooshing through the streets

Of a quiet, sleeping town

Braving the chill

Sharing a warmth

The ride went on

Even when the drive had ended

Because when you looked at me

And took my hand

It felt like time itself stood suspended

So take me out again

I wouldn’t ask you to pull the brakes

With a smile and a nod,

A question and a thought

With a hand extended

My life you’ve upended

But I smile

I laugh

On a happy high

And I’d hold on

Grab on

Echoing a contented sigh

For you see

You’ve got me

Till the end of the road is nigh.


Walk With Me

Shatter me

With those

Beautifully spun lies

Unravel me

With those

Deftly traced lines

Ignite me

With a passion

That flutters and flies

Unveil me

Like a masterpiece

On a pedestal of marble tiles

Adorn me

With a spectre

Of unending smiles

Promise me

To walk

Those few extra miles

And I’d give to you

A love

Far from all beguiles

Walk with me

Will you

Down another one of those aisles?


A broken nib.

A torn page,


And crumpled.

Some ink,


Some blobs


Some streaming freely,

Much like the flowing words.

Beginning in a beautiful cursive,

Transitioning to a staggering end.

Trailing off,

Much like the hand that wrote them,

As deep blue

Mingled with strains of red,

Silently screaming

The End.


Halfway across I turned and saw

That you had given up

Not on the journey

Nor on the quest

But on me

Just in jest.

Half way across

I felt my heart sink

While I miraculously stayed afloat.

My lungs were full, my arms weary

While there was no sign of an approaching boat.

Halfway across the ocean

You left without a trace

Leaving me with watery memories

Of your beautiful face.

Forsaken, forbidden

And forever accursed

I perch now upon a rock.

With a smile and a song

I direct the throng

Lying in wait for you.


Halfway across the ocean

You will find yourself one day

You’ll see my face

And hear my song

And be completely smitten

And as you pass beneath the surface

To your deservedly watery grave

You’ll realise why I am a siren.

The Manual

And just like that

He picked off all the layers

Of protection she’d been wearing

And brought her face to face

With all her demons

That were growling and snarling

Then standing behind her

He watched in awe

As she slayed through them all

One after the other

Knowing he’s got her back

Because that’s what you do

When you give love

You don’t save a soul

You just love them

And let them do their own saving

Emerging stronger

Maybe even strong enough

To give back a little love

And in her eyes you might then see

A hope

A dream

A life

A song

That had once been lost

Brimming again

With love.

Words’ Worth

I am scared I would run out of words one day – And the silence would be deafening. I’d look on, struck dumb, while inside me, my blood would be roaring. I’d signal, maybe, with my eyes and my hands, trying to find some coherence, while every nerve on my face will stand on end, threateningly pulsating. My mouth will open – and close – open again – and close – forgetting it’s meaning, it’s purpose, it’s function. A hollow, dank, hole. Like a mine that has collapsed unto itself.
I know you’d try to listen. To understand. And, even, to sympathise. You’d nod, in mock agreement. You’d pacify me with a smile. I’d see it. I’d see it all. And I’ll know. But I won’t be able to refute you, for I will have no voice. Without words.

Without words, I’ll watch you leave and shatter my very world. Without words, I wonder, would my world even be turning?

Hello Fam! The featured image on this post is of a makeshift artisan store in Edinburgh where I found the prettiest lanterns. There’s something about colours and light, reflected against all that’s dark, that draw me to them instantly. This beauty has been one of the takeaways from my recent trip to UK. Just sharing it on here to let you know I remember my promise of posting a travel-log and I intend to keep it. I just haven’t had the time to sort through the hundreds of pictures I took there. After which, I’d have to create posts with literary significance, like some of you suggested. Or better still, come up with poems highlighting the images. So, please bear with me.

How’s the first month of this year been for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section down below.

Thank you for reading.




And then

Against the forces of nature

Calmly still you’ll rise

Accepting the ephemerality of being

Renouncing the shackles of existing

Rejoicing the salvation of spirit

The strength of the core

Flouncing all the do’s and don’ts

Breaking yourself down to the smallest element

Shattering yourself beyond recognition

Beyond repair

Beyond any and all control

Seeing, in truth, what you had become

Perceiving even more

For when you forget everything that you were

Is when you become everything that you are

The one

You were meant to be.

Would You Like To See?

There’s a corner of my heart that is yet untouched. Almost inaccessible. Hence, it is indifferent and unfeeling. Nothing reaches it. Nothing escapes from it. Like Schrodinger’s cat, love/hate in equal measures might very well be alive in it. Or not. You’d never know unless you unlock the door. But the path leading upto it is a labyrinth. A hideous, dangerous maze. One wrong turn and you’d get caught among the worst of my memories. Yet another and you’d be sucked dry by the remnants of my despair – of bubbles burst, hopes dashed and dreams unfulfilled. Somewhere else you might be cornered by my deepest, darkest fears. And then again, in a murky lane would be the sum total of my desires. It’s an arduous journey, I must say. The journey in itself a life-long experience. Undertake it, if you will. Reach the door, if you can. Unlock it, maybe. Here’s the key. Would you like to see?


I know I trusted you

When I shouldn’t have

I loved you

Even when I should have known better

I forgave you

When you didn’t even apologize.

But, you know what, my dear

I will trust again, love again and forgive again

For it wasn’t me who changed

But what will you do, love

When you look back and see

You can’t recognise yourself anymore?

Would you curse

Would you cry

Would you regret?

For, you know

We get

Only what

We beget.