Tape A Tale – Let Stories Unfurl

In a world that is becoming exceedingly visual/image oriented, where CGI effects are taking over storylines, you get a more than nagging feeling that something's lacking. Fortunately, the old world charm of books and stories can still hold its own. Our very much needed respite.  Where books, on the one hand, leave a lot open to the interpretation of readers, the art of story-telling is so much more than that. Haven't we all fallen prey to a misinterpreted text because someone did not get the intended "tone" and "tenor" of it, hence, resulting in major misunderstanding? Thus, the written word is somewhat more concerned with the perspective of the reader, which, in its own place, is invaluable. Hearing stories, on the other hand, is not only a lesson in imagination, but the charm of experiencing feelings, expressions and emotions, in the way originally intended by the story-teller, accompanied by a voice that dips and rises, hums and croons, tremors and powers through is a pleasure that has no parallel. 

Of Words Long Lost

I wrote a poem today which included the word "respair". This was neither a typo nor something I just made up. It is a word that got lost somewhere along the pages of time. The last known citations for it date back to 1425 AD. For a word that defines the return of hope after a period of despair, it's been an undeserved and shabby end, don't you think? I, for one, have always been fascinated with words. It baffles me that something as full of complexity like feelings can be conveyed through words. We might not be able to find the right word for what we feel at the right time, but there's comfort in the fact that one certainly does exist. If not in our language then in some other. 

Flying Solo No More

Just a boy still he was, in the body of a man. Ploughing through life, yet painfully aware Of lies, deceits and selfishness.  If only had hadn't fallen victim to this ploy so soon He'd still have had friends rather than a bunch of letdowns. So, yes, he went through life keeping people at bay An arm's length was the maximum allowed leeway.

Breaking the Habit – Getting out of an Unhealthy Relationship

There all our kinds of relationships. However, some of these can be unhealthy and quite detrimental to our overall wellness. Oftentimes, we continue to subject ourselves to the torment of being in an unhealthy relationship. It is quite possible that one of the reasons underlying this habit can be the tendency of human nature to resist change. In doing so, it spells its own doom. At the cost of sounding selfish, I declare that no relationship is worth being in if it doesn't make you happy, does not let you grow as a person and if it gives you sleepless nights. You are, indeed, your foremost priority. No, you're not mean or self-centred if you prioritize yourself. This is so because the main essence of a well-rounded, fulfilling and healthy relationship is that it nurtures you to the extent that you don't have to invest in looking out for yourself. As a result, you return equal care and affection to your significant other. So when I ask you to prioritise yourself, I'm imploring you to get rid of the shackles of a lovesless relationship and welcome one that's actually right for you.

The CCI Penalizes Hyundai Motors on the Basis of Relevant Turnover for having indulged in Resale Price Maintenance

Hello everyone!
Keeping in sync with the new direction of this blog as explained earlier today, I have created a new site for all things related to law. It’s called Law and Little Things. It’s objective is to demystify complex legal advancements for the layman. After all, law shouldn’t have to be Latin and Greek considering how much it governs our life, right?
Please go and follow the site if it piques your interest. I’m sharing the latest offering from there hereinbelow.

Law and Little Things

On 15th June, 2017, the Competition Commission of India (“CCI”) found Hyundai Motors Industries Limited (India) (“HMIL”) to be guilty of indulging in Resale Price Maintenance (RPM) having an appreciable adverse effect on market competition. The Final Order passed under Section 27 of the Competition Act, 2002 (the “Act”) is of significance by virtue of being the first order passed in the wake of the recent decision of the Supreme Court (“SC”) in which CCI’s penalizing power was considerably curtailed. The SC’s judgment in the case of Excel Corp. Care vs. The Competition Commission of India, by relying on the principles of equity and proportionality and on foreign competition jurisprudence vis-a-vis affected commerce, validated the concept of “relevant turnover” as introduced by the Competition Appellate Tribunal (“COMPAT”).


Section 27(b) of the Act authorizes the CCI to impose penalty…

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Feminism in Fiction

A few days ago, I expressed my angst and ire at the incredibly sexist portrayal of women in fairytales. They’re shown as damsels in distress without fail. One cannot even begin to imagine how detrimental such images are to the impressionable minds of young girls growing up
to believe they need to wait for someone to come rescue them. However, I also mentioned Disney Films were changing this perspective now with their recent crop of movies. Then I went on to expound upon how the character of Princess Devasena from a South Indian movie, Bahubali, was a lesson in feminism and a breath of fresh air.
Sarah, from Written Word Worlds, has very admirably made a compilation of Feminism in Fiction and I’m sharing her work here for your benefit.

Written Word Worlds

Looking back on many of the fairytales I’ve grown up reading and loving, I’ve realised that the majority of them are incredibly sexist. They seem to indicate that women are not in control of their lives or their fate and are in constant need of saving. With awareness for feminism being the most it has ever been, it’s a wonder anyone thinks that reading these archaic, misogynistic stories to children is acceptable. Not only does it teach our girls that they have to rely on a prince to save them and that they have no say in the matter, but it teaches everyone else that women are helpless victims who will never feel fulfilled in life without a husband.

Let me stop you right there, sexist society. We don’t need saving. We’re perfectly fine on our own, thank you very much. The last thing we want is you Facebook stalking…

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Life’s Fine W(h)ine

I believe I owe my readers an apology. I have changed my blog's name so many time this past week that half of you wouldn't even recognise my posts if they came up on your feed. But please bear with me, there's an explanation coming up. The blog-naming (?!) progression has gone something like this:…

Kind words and kinder souls

A couple of years ago, I was vacationing in Singapore with my family. I happened to notice a lot of happy faces around. Not only on the streets. Even the janitors at the the various tourist attractions wore wide smiles. I still remember visibly how a 70 year old lady, while carrying her cleaning supplies, smiled and waved at me and wished me a very good day. Something kindled inside me at that moment.  On getting back home, I started noticing people subconsciously. All I got to see were impatient, aggressive, angry and stern faces walking down the road. No one looked happy. I wondered what secret the Singaporeans were hiding. However, based on my limited knowledge of countries, I didn't give it much thought once a few months had passed. Then I happened to visit two more countries, Indonesia and the US. Although people responded warmly when you greeted them, despite being strangers. The general vibe emanating from faces wasn't happy in these places either. When no one's watching, their faces say it all.  I was completely baffled. Not able to bear the suspense any longer, I decided to bring about a change in myself. I decided to smile a little more, to be more warm and to greet everyone I come in contact with. Right from the elderly ladies and gents who were regulars at the nearby jogger's park to the auto-drivers whose fare I was for the day, I smiled, enquired after their health and then bid them a good day. 

5 Life Hacks to Avert a Quarter-Life Crisis

25! The magical number. An age when you actually feel like a mature, responsible, adult. When you can even pay for all the parties your friends try to get out of you on your birthday.  Unfortunately, it's also the time when you sit back and question all your life choices. The fact that all your peers seem to be racing ahead doesn't help either. So, a normal pondering turns into a full blown panic attack stretching into a bout of stress and anxiety. You find that you're not where you'd hoped to be by now. You also find that you've no clue where you want to be or What you want to do. Not even what's best for you. Worst of all, you have no clue as to what you're currently doing. From then on, it's just a downward spiral into depression.  I was surprised to find out that there's actually a term for this. The quarter-life crisis. No applause for guessing when I discovered it.  Thus, to help kindred souls, I've compiled a list of life hacks that are aimed at getting you through this tough period and keeping your thoughts in perspective. I hope it helps.

Do I Know You?

She had spent four years of her life in loving someone who, at most, only needed her at his convenience. She'd given him her all. She'd stuck with him through thick and thin. While he had acted even worse than a fair-weather friend. She'd always take out time to talk to him. He'd talk to her only when he was bored or needed something done. She'd cared for him above her own self. He never cared for anyone but himself. She forgave all his meanderings. He never even asked for forgiveness. All her friends adviced her to get out of such a loveless, selfish relationship. She somehow couldn't bring herself to do it. Everytime he claimed to love her, she'd remember the first few perfect months of their relationship and succumb to its charm again. He was the one who'd asked for a commitment. She was the one who kept it up. Untill the day she finally picked up all her things, even if she couldn't pick up all the pieces of herself, and left.