The Fairest of them All

You say thunder thighs

Like they’re bad

Look at stretch marks

Like they’re scars

You throw around skinny

Like it’s a colour

And wince at plump

Like it’s a curse

For years, I was driven

By what I saw in the mirror

It’s high time

Don’t you think

For the mirror to mould into me?

Because, in the end

Even the fairest of them all

Was a mere fairytale


I’m a woman

Strong and lush

There’s more to me

Than a pound of flesh.

Hello, all of you amazing people! If you’ve stuck around this blog for some time, you’d recall I did a series on mental health awareness last May, post which I’d emphasized on the importance of wellness and health, both in mind and body (Those who are new to the blog and interested in reading the posts, please click here). I’d also shown how they were interconnected. Some of you may also be aware that I spent 2017 getting into shape. For that, I didn’t crash diet, kill myself with rigorous workout or obsess over the weighing scale. What I did do, however, was completely overhaul my lifestyle. Now, I eat healthy, drink healthy and do just enough to stay fit. My body’s shape is immaterial to me in the face of my body’s health. Can you guess what I learnt over the year though? Once you stop obsessing and start accepting, you become happier and healthier. While I’m a staunch advocate of equal love for all sizes, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong in losing weight or gaining some. What I am saying is to not let the weight define your self worth. I’ve come to realise, the more I lived healthily, the happier I was inside, the more it projected on the outside. More than a few people have told me I’ve started glowing these days. It’s definitely not because of a new skin care regime. It’s not even that my skin is actually glowing. It’s just a stark contrast to the depressed skin of earlier. When I felt ugly within, my skin, my glow, my happiness died a little outside. Now, when I feel healthier, so does my outward self. Hence, find a wellness goal, not just a fitness one. Be fit, be healthy, be well. Take care of your body as well as your mind. After all, that’s all we really own in this world, don’t we?

P.S.- For anyone struggling with weight or mental health issues, my door’s always open. I’m no expert but I will listen to you. I will hear you. I will provide a shoulder and I will do my best to get you out of whatever is ailing you to the best of my capacity. Sometimes, all we need is to find acceptance in a friendly soul to be able to find the same within. And that, my friends, is the first step to getting better. You know where to reach me!



I know I trusted you

When I shouldn’t have

I loved you

Even when I should have known better

I forgave you

When you didn’t even apologize.

But, you know what, my dear

I will trust again, love again and forgive again

For it wasn’t me who changed

But what will you do, love

When you look back and see

You can’t recognise yourself anymore?

Would you curse

Would you cry

Would you regret?

For, you know

We get

Only what

We beget.

Is the World Burning?

It’s the stars’ fault

I say

Weren’t they supposed to know everything?

And the sky

The blood red sky

Shouldn’t it have stooped?

And the mountains

Snow clad

They should have thawed and cried a river!

The winds

Why didn’t they whistle?

For what you did to me,

The world should have stopped

For a moment

And taken notice.

For what you did to me,

The world should have paused

And refrained itself

from turning.

For what you did on that night

Would take centuries

To make right.

But it didn’t.

The world spun on.

I wonder if that’s why


Your world is burning.

Why a Poet #3

You say there’s pain in my poetry

I say there’s poetry in all pain.

You say there’s a sadness in my smile

I say I could find a smile in even sadness.

You say there is darkness in my light

I say there’s light in every darkness.

You say I walk without a care

I say,

I care.

I take all the pain, sadness, darkness and light

And open my arms to make it mine

Then do my utmost to make it rhyme

Even though I may miss a line

The poet in me will still shine.

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As always, thank you for reading!



Have You Seen Her?

I’ve seen her laugh,




As if she needed someone’s permission


Or someone’s approval


I’ve seen her smile,


For the benefit of the viewer,

As if she’d been chastised too much

For flashing a full-fledged grin.

I’ve seen her eyes glint

And then fade out,

Much too soon,

Much too much,

As if she didn’t have the right,

To express herself,

Through her own countenance.

I’ve seen her

And I wonder what it’d be like

When she burst out

The full glory

Of her inner resplendence

I wonder what it’d be like

To see her


A Sky Full of Colours

“Higher! Higher!”

Squealed a toddler as he jumped and let go of the kite. His elder brother happily complied. The brightly coloured beauty soared across the sky, bearing testament to their love, encapsulating all the hours spent decorating it together. For a couple more years, atleast, I’d get to remain his hero, he thought. Wiping a tear from his eye, as he recalled similar days spent with his own hero. A loving father, snatched from them too soon.

On the terrace opposite, stood a guy holding his phone up as high as he could. “Can you see the kites? All those shapes and colours? Can you?” Continue reading “A Sky Full of Colours”

Thereby Hangs a Tale

A poet


Fell in love


A pragmatic

And between

The realms

Of dreams and hopes

And the one of dire consequences

Stood their souls

Staring out

Looking for a way

To reach the other through every obstacle

Determined not to fail

And, so it’s said to us, my friends,

That thereby hangs a tale.