Figures of Speech

Speak geek to me, And see me light up brighter than a Christmas Tree. Speak nerd to me, And see me unravel the complexities of this universe. Speak music to me, And sway with me till hours are long forgotten. Speak silence to me, And see me reverberate in response with profound understanding.

A Game of Numbers

The number sizes on your garment Do not define the size or shape of your personality. The number scores on your marksheets Do not measure your worth. The number of inches in your heels Cannot determine your stature. The numbers holed up in your bank account Cannot increase your happiness. The number of donations you make Cannot diminish the darkness of your soul.


​Lather. Rinse. Repeat. A girl's daily cleansing ritual. Twice a day 'tis needed To lather, rinse, repeat. The first to rejuvenate in the freshness of the morning. The latter to clean away the grime of the day. To scrub off the leers that men through along your way. To wash off the stench of unwanted advances. And of jeers hidden behind subtle nuances.

Scheduling Error 

Due to a scheduling error, one of my poetry posts got messed up and might not be visible to most of you. I'm sharing the link here. I hope you enjoy reading it and give it the love and support you've been so kind to provide to all my other poems too. Thank you! (Please don't let the mess-up stop you from reading it, it's very close to my heart, so, pretty please?)

Flying Solo No More

Just a boy still he was, in the body of a man. Ploughing through life, yet painfully aware Of lies, deceits and selfishness.  If only had hadn't fallen victim to this ploy so soon He'd still have had friends rather than a bunch of letdowns. So, yes, he went through life keeping people at bay An arm's length was the maximum allowed leeway.

Sugar, spice and everything nice

The first guy you'll ever date Will remind you of sugar. Of happy faces, indulgent days,  Of everything done together.  Yet, with time you'll find​ the charm wear out And the sweetness get nauseating, You'll feel the need to be on your own In order to keep on breathing.


Right at the edge of the shoreline, She assumed her daily vigil. Eyes fixed on the horizon, Feet feeling the waves ebb. In the distance, ships appeared Scarcely bigger than dots, But she knew without a doubt, None were headed her way.