There’s a place

Where all bad thing go to thrive

A place which goodness has forsaken

An apt dwelling for Satan

It’s a world within a world

A terrarium of terror

It can suck you in

Like a whirlpool

Or quicksand

Or even blackhole

And the void left behind

Will be all that remains

Of a person once known as you

But this isn’t all

No, not by a long stretch

This place which scares me most

Is where all my nights reside

Where every sleeping hour is always lost

Day after day, year after year

It’s the only constant I have ever seen

I am so used to it by now

That within its murky halls

I weave my way about

Knowing it more than seeing

In the dismal, dreary, dark.

Feeling it

More than believing

Of the misery therein contained

And tonight I’ve come to realise

I’ve finally made it my home.


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