A Message For My Valentine

You’re not conventional, no. In fact, you’re quite the oddball. You laugh when others would cry. You smile even when things go awry. You shut up when some would yell. You push me away. For my own sake, you say. Only to pull me back harder, when a tear streams down my face. You have an inherent inability to see me frown. Which makes me believe you’d never let me drown. You say you cannot express all that you feel. Then why is it that everytime you look at me, the world’s under my heel? You fight me, to let you be and to walk far away. But, wouldn’t you end the world if it but let me sway?

You’re a paradox. A puzzle. A perplexing notion. One that is my pleasure to sit down and unravel.

You’re a home. A haven. A happy, quaint nook. One that will have a piece of my heart forever.


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