Made To Be Me

Reblogging because it takes a lot of courage to open up. It takes even more to create a blog and put your words out there. Go read this amazing blog and you’d have nothing to regret. 😊

December Rose


I’m going to try something new today and tell you something about myself using the one-word daily prompt… Because I may only have five followers, and those only from the daily prompt posts, but I’d like to reach out and reveal myself more blatantly to those five followers.

I see the “insights”… Any time I post something without using a reference to the one-word prompt, it goes unread except by my friend, Carly. And I love her for that. But I have this blog to be discovered as a writer by other people who aren’t yet acquaintances. So I use the one-word daily prompt tags, and I get 10-15 views from around the world, and it’s super exciting, but then I realize that they are likely only reading a glimpse into how I think and see the world. Granted, that’s a bigger part of who I…

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  1. Dhananjay M. Bhati July 14, 2017 — 10:24 pm

    It’s a good post! Writing from your heart and opening up takes a lot of courage!

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  2. Hey,
    I have nominated you for versatile Blogger award.
    Check my latest post.


  3. [ Smiles ] I have seen longer; wonderful nonetheless.

    December Rose has mad skills (That is a compliment, by the way)!

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