I’ve forgotten you.

It’s been so long

That I couldn’t recall

The colour of your eyes

Even if I tried with all my might.

I’ve forgotten you.

The way you moved,

The way you talked,

The way you walked around.

I can’t even remember a hint of your smile.

I’ve forgotten you.

You’re just a dull, old memory

In my mind’s deep repository

Where things can never be found,

That’s where I’ve buried all my thoughts of you.

I’ve forgotten you.

Even the feel of your touch

That used to mean so much.

Yet, somewhere along the way

I’ve lost track of what you could do to me.

Now I’ve forgotten you,

By putting aside the blinding veil of love.

Yes, I’ve forgotten you,

That’s the song I sing to myself,

Because I’ve forgotten you,

Yet I’ll write of you

Till the day I die.

I’ve forgotten you.

(Oh, what a flimsy lie!)

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