Here now, and forever

The Diary

He walked through the ancient ruins of a castle that once stood in splendour.

Glass shattered and walls charred, he walked through the dry twigs and grass.

He looked at the giant columns rising high, and the marble staircase that was once polished and smooth.

The fountains in the garden had run dry. Plants and shrubs had grown between the cracks and claimed their space.

The air around weighed heavy with memories of that once used to be. A stately palace, fit for a queen to be.

He climbed the stairs, entered the courtyard. There was not a sign of anyone but him.

He walked and walked and sauntered into the courtroom. As he went in, what he saw made his heart miss a beat.

For there stood the queen to be, of whom people had heard just mysteries. Her hair disheveled and her eyes fixed on him.

He sawโ€ฆ

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