When it rains, it pours

As the rain fell into the night
The sky shone with the brightest light.

Men scurried, their bodies firmly cloaked

Searched for shelter, as if they choked.

Tots’ young faces were gripped by gloom

For they wished to be amused in bloom.

The adults’ moods were also spoiled

For their plans were nothing but foiled. 

While the city was cold and its spirit was bleak

So was the forest but with a little tweak.

The elves came out dancing in the drizzle,

The fairies sparkled a different sort of mizzle,

The wizards shut their books and removed their hoods,

Even the witches smiled as douse covered the woods.

Oh! Of jolly and laughter the forest rang,

As goblins jumped and pixies sang.

Even the wise sages of old,

Were amazed as dwarves  forsake their gold.

The hour of closure began to impend.

That’s when the angels began to descend.

As the sky shone in the brightest light

And the rain poured into the night.

This poem is by my dear friend Achintya Rajimwale (edited slightly by me) and I couldn’t be more proud sharing it with you. Please leave your thoughts and comments down below, we’d be happy to get a feedback. Thank you for reading!

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