The Magic We See

Softly humming while strumming his guitar,
He was oblivious to his voice
Plucking at the strings of her heart.
She took in the sight of him,
Like he was a cherub playing the harp.
Such were the emotions flickering in her eyes.
She watched in rapt attention,
Till he put away his instrument,

Pulling her out of her reverie.
When she finally heard him speak,
A crease marred the smoothness of her brow,
As she now took in the sourness of his tone.
It couldn’t be, it couldn’t be, she thought,
Recalling the heavenly baritone from a moment ago.
Then her eyes rested on the guitar case
And she came to understand that
The magic we sometimes think we see
Can just as easily be locked away in a chest.
Then she laughed and laughed
Till she could laugh no more
And realised why she’d always loved
A jack-in-the-box.

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11 thoughts on “The Magic We See

    1. Wow, thank you!
      I’m very tempted to say “that’s how we roll in the shire” 😁 because I’d sneak in a Lord of the Rings reference just about anywhere. Thank you once again though, very kind words. 🙂

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