He walked in light,
Bringing shade wherever he went.

He bathed in white,

Dispelling black whenever he smiled.

His dreams were glass,

Spreading a glow all around.

He’d walked many roads

But None in the realm of men.
He’d sung many songs

But none a requiem .
He’d touched many flowers

But none bore thorns.
He’d suffered many bruises

But none of them a scar.
They shot him down

But he didn’t crash. 
They drowned him 

But he burned.
They choked him

But he roared. 
They pulled him down

But he soared.
He was passion,

A zeal that would never die.
He was a dream, 

A vision that would never fade
He was fire,

An inferno that would never douse,
He was resolve,

A spirit that would never shatter;
A will- forever unbroken.

This poem is the first piece from my dear friend Achintya Rajimwale (edited slightly by me) and I couldn’t be more proud sharing it with you. Please leave your thoughts and comments down below, we’d be happy to get a feedback. Thank you for reading!

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