Freedom of Choice

“I love you”, he used to say.

It’d make her squeal with glee.

Just the mere sound of his voice was enough,

To fill her with ecstasy.

Though once he knew he had her,

He took her only for granted.

He’d vanish without a word for months

While she bade her time and waited.

Yet, every time he’d come back to her

And she’d welcome him with open arms.

Because “I love you”, is what he’d say.

And for her that was enough.

Then time took its toll on her,

As the cycle repeated itself.

“I love you”, he said after pulling another Houdini.

He sounded bold and resolute,

Confident of her response.

Instead it made her Cringe and wince today,

Like a physical blow to the face.

Nothing he said could hide now

The hollowness of his heart.

So she kept the phone without a word,

Defeated by the truth

She had till now chosen not to embrace.

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10 thoughts on “Freedom of Choice

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I call it “the breaking point” or the “point of no return”, it comes at different times and moment for different people. Till then, they’d selflessly keep enduring whatever their partner is dolling out to them. But once that point is reached, it’s like they snap and become immune and indifferent. No longer pining.
      I’m so glad you appreciated this.

      Liked by 2 people

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