Do I Know You?

She had spent four years of her life in loving someone who, at most, only needed her at his convenience. She’d given him her all. She’d stuck with him through thick and thin. While he had acted even worse than a fair-weather friend. She’d always take out time to talk to him. He’d talk to her only when he was bored or needed something done. She’d cared for him above her own self. He never cared for anyone but himself. She forgave all his meanderings. He never even asked for forgiveness. All her friends adviced her to get out of such a loveless, selfish relationship. She somehow couldn’t bring herself to do it. Everytime he claimed to love her, she’d remember the first few perfect months of their relationship and succumb to its charm again. He was the one who’d asked for a commitment. She was the one who kept it up. Untill the day she finally picked up all her things, even if she couldn’t pick up all the pieces of herself, and left.
Life looked at her anew. She realised how much she’d let herself go. The face in the mirror staring back at her was barely recognisable. She’d gained countless kilos, she’d lose that twinkle in her eye and her skin, where it once shined and glowed, looked dull and lifeless. Little by little, she got it all back together. Mind and body. She took care of herself. She reconnected with her friends. She started living life again.

Then yesterday, while returning from the bar with her drink in her hand, she bumped into someone. He steadied her with a hand on her arm as she gazed into a face that was more than familiar. Those eyes that always sparkled. That smile that was a little too free.

“Hey, you!”, He said.

“Erm, do I know you?”, She asked.

Perplexed, he said, “Of course! It’s me?”.

“Oh, so I don’t know you!”

She walked away to her table without looking back.

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