Right at the edge of the shoreline,

She assumed her daily vigil.

Eyes fixed on the horizon,

Feet feeling the waves ebb.

In the distance, ships appeared

Scarcely bigger than dots,

But she knew without a doubt

None were headed her way.

The silence around was deafening

The ocean sounds, an indistinguishable white noise.

She craved to hear the sweet tenor

Of another human voice.

Yet another day passed by

Just like countless others.

It grew dark all of a sudden

As the sun had set on her life.

Till her eyes caught the flicker

Of a light nearby.

Looking up she saw a large, black, shape,

Looming in the distance.

Land ahoy! Shouted someone

Like music to her ears.

Enthralled by the spectre, she stood up

In utter joy.

As the ship drew near and nearer,

Her heartbeat quickened pace.

She couldn’t contain the excitement of

A chance at last of rescue.

With teary eyes she approached,

Her passage back home.

Then something stirred within her

And she silently walked away.

 Daily prompt: Sail

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