The Other Woman

She saw her today. Even though on waking up this morning, she’d been quite happy and content. By all accounts, there’d been nothing to foretell how the day’s events were going to unfold. There had been no breaking of coffee mugs, no news of natural calamities, no stumping of toes. For once, she’d even left home on time to make it to work without having the fear of being reprimanded for tardiness hanging over her head.

Yet, she saw her today.

It was a patchwork of glimpses, really. You see, she saw her through the windows of a bus passing by. There she was. Standing on the sidewalk on the other side of the road. In all her carefree abundance. Ready and raring to go who knows where.

She was unknowingly turning her world upside down, yet, Lisa could not take her eyes off of her. Her face was one that she wouldn’t forget till her she had any memory left at all. Somehow, with great, superhuman strength, she got herself to move ahead, trying to forget what she saw.

However, she saw her again. While having lunch break at her favourite deli just round the corner of the block. Nothing seemed out of place. Her burrito was perfect. Yet, she looked up from her meal and saw her. Rather, Lisa saw her reflection passing by the window, dressed in yoga pants and carrying a rolled up mat. For quite some time after, Lisa kept staring at her plate, unable to eat another morsel. The window, to her, still had a few traces of the reflection lingering behind. She dared not look up again.

Getting through the remainder of the day at work was not easy now. Her mundane, humdrum affair of a life had just taken an about turn. No matter how much she tried, she just couldn’t get that women out of her mind. She even attempted to convince herself that she was mistaken. Mirrors play tricks, don’t they? Bus windows, cafe windows, of course! It couldn’t possibly have been her! It couldn’t have been what she thought she saw.

Yet, Lisa had a nagging feeling of uneasiness even after returning to the warm comfort of her home. Her mind kept envisioning every possible scenario. A voice inside her kept screaming it was her! It’s got to be her!

Right when she was about to conclude she must either be living this day in a dream, needing to wake up soon or has officially become a loon, she glanced at her phone and was taken aback. There was that face again, staring right back at her from her phone’s screen under the section of “people you may know”.

Recounting the incidents of the day, slightly disoriented, slightly confused, slightly dazed and slightly scared, Lisa finally fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion of the mind.

The next morning, she did not wake up.

Her last internet search query showed “Doppelganger”.


10 thoughts on “The Other Woman

  1. Hm. Okay, I just read through this twice. I have a few thoughts. First, there are quite a few places where there are errors I never saw in your writing before. It pulled me out of the story. (That also might just be because I am an editor and automatically get stopped by errors.) A few errors is always fine, but you have some tense errors and missing articles. There are also a few cliches I’d watch out for: “stink eye” and “images burned or seared into anyone’s mind.”

    You’re right. This isn’t your best. I want to tell you that because you are certainly capable of really great writing and I think you should rewrite this. As I read, I didn’t feel the same emotion or flow that I’ve felt reading your other stuff. The cliches and errors are things that I think hurt the story. The rest is just my opinion. But, I’ve taken some really harsh criticisms over the years and it has only helped me. So, I hope this helps. Please, if you rewrite it, send it to me.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to go through this twice and making a note of the errors without generalizing it so that I know where it went wrong. I’d be extremely careful of cliches from now. I’ll rectify the tense errors momentarily (I use the mobile app and sometimes autocorrect changes it if you don’t go through it enough times to catch the problem). Even more might be because the thought forms while typing itself. I get how that would break the flow. Will definitely rewrite it and get back to you. 🙂

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