“In a time of destruction, create something.” ― Maxine Hong Kingston

I read somewhere that the outcome of chaos can never be predicted. The only certainty it brings is the Devastation it leaves in its wake. A profound statement leaving little scope for refutation. Nevertheless, I do believe that it fails to hit the nerve. Leaving aside mathematical algorithms for predictions given a set of variables as well as the nature of the Chaos Theory, more popularly known as the Butterfly Effect, I would like to propose the following interpretation of the nature of chaos.

Apocalypse, Mahapralaya ( Great Dissolution – Sanskrit) are just a few names bestowed to the coming of the end of the world, all stemming form and resulting in chaos. Similar analogies are found throughout the world in forms of various legends and myths.

However, if one removes his mind from the immediate after effects of chaos, a bigger picture comes to light. As readers might be aware, according to Greek mythology, chaos was the first thing to come into existence. Next, and quite possibly out of chaos, came everything else.  The devastation brought forth by chaos is not the be all and end all. Chaos lays the groundwork for building things anew. You destroy something to rebuild it in a better way. Sometimes it is the need of the hour to put a stop to renovations and patchwork jobs and to just demolish a structure for a better one to rise in its place. History is proof of that. Everyday occurrences bear testimony to the fact. Look around you, isn’t this what is taking place everywhere?

I know what I’m saying is not a novel idea. My intention is only to drive home the fact that destruction is not always a bad thing.

So this is for all bleeding hearts, all broken hearts, all hopeless hearts. Have strength and rally forth..because it might feel like the end of the world today, but it is only a harbinger of better things to come. Do no cry over the shattered pieces of your life if you cannot put them back together right now. Take a step back, analyze, assess, accept the chaos, embrace the destruction, and start building your life again. For there is one thing that is more than certain at the end of the day and that is human resilience.


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