Is love, love, love alone

As  a young kid who ended up reading anything she could lay her hands on, I very distinctly remember reading my elder brother’s English coursebooks. They usually had poetry, prose and Shakespearean dramas. One particular story, especially a saying it referred to, has stayed in my mind all these years. Today, as I sit at home bored out of my mind due to a viral illness, i revisited that story. Those lines I mentioned? Yeah, they’ve never hit me so hard before. They are as follows:
“Is love, love, love alone

That cause King Edward to leave the throne” (Sir V.S. Naipaul keeping it real, you guys!)

Love, or the notion of it (whether misconceived or not) does make people unreasonable. Not speaking as an expert, but a fellow sufferer to the lady in the story, I know what it is like to give your all and get nothing in return. However, as I mentioned in a previous post, human nature resists change. So I reckoned a known devil was better than an unknown one. Boy, was i wrong. Moreover, the worst part was that i was aware of my predicament, yet unable to make the right move. It was like a never-ending wait for a chess move to be made. In any case, I was the one being checkmated. I had closed my eyes, and all other senses, to the irrefutable fact that my relationship had drawn to an end irrespective of what both parties said. It was inevitable, yet so hard to let go.

Surprisingly enough, all it took was a pseudo-no labels allowed-date with a senior from my college to make me realize i could actually share my french fries with someone without slapping his hand away. It made me realize I did not have to be in a loveless relationship. It did not even matter if I found love again with this guy who liberated me or with someone else, it gave me the confidence to step out of one that was only giving me pain. So here I am, welcoming love again with open arms after half a decade. Lo and behold, I am writing again. I’ve known nothing compares to the excitement of getting to know someone new and doing things for the first time again, but getting to know someone who makes you revisit yourself, that has got to be on a whole new level entirely. So I end it with another age old saying, “Ah, to be young and in love again”. Here’s to second chances and the amazing people who willingly pick up all your shattered pieces and put you together again in a way that makes your own reflection smile back at you.


2 thoughts on “Is love, love, love alone

  1. To the people who pick up the shattered pieces and make your​ reflection smile back at you 😊


    1. I always thought the king had to vacate his throne, never realised he got a more beautiful one in return. 😊


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